Frequently Asked Questions

We prefer that all document submittals be in PDF format.

Requirements are based on what the lease requires. You can mostly find these on your lease under your
Data Sheet, Addendum to Exhibit B, Exhibit B‐1, or Exhibit B‐2.
Standard Requirements for Progress Payments.
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Standard Requirements for Single and Final Payments.
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You can receive a check but we encourage our Tenants to sign up for ACH payment.
To sign up:
1.) Fill out the application form below and send to USAPVENDORMAINTENANCE@westfield.com and your TC Coordinators.
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Your payment is reliant upon the following:
1.) Completion of the requirements per your lease.
2.) No outstanding balance due the Center.
3.) Check expiration for application on your Tenant Allowance per your lease.

For all other question, you can contact a TC Coordinators.

Mary Butchko

Mary Jazzle Ordonez