NSN # 0000-00-0000 ALS ID#: TSH-135.

Actuator Hydraulic Test Stand

GPM/PSI: 0-50 (Adjustable)/3000/5000 PSIG (Adjustable)  
Fluid: Mil-L-83282  
Manufacturer: American Lab & Systems (ALS)
Shown as: New  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: TSE503K-H5  
Description/Function of unitThe test stand consists of 2 parts; the main stainless steel control console with blue anodized instrument and control panel. The console includes forklift pockets.

The main hydraulic power unit, includes a L 30 gallon reservoir 0-50 GPM, 0-5000 PSI variable volume pressure compensated pump driven by a 480 VAC, 60 HZ, 3 PH, 100 HP, electric motor and starter. The unit includes a 3 micron high pressure discharge filter 10 micron, return filter, air/oil cooler. The power unit is completely self-contained and includes an electric motor soft start and fluid distribution panel. All controls and valves on the console include nameplates that identify each control.

All control is accomplished at the main HA series test console (on/off) (pressure) (flow) (temperature). A 10,000 PSI hand pump is included for static high pressure tests. The console instrument panel houses (7) pressure gauges 6” & 4½” dia 1% or greater, (1) temperature gauge and (2) flow meters with over lapping ranges to cover from 1-50 GPM.

Note – All pressure and flow instruments are calibrated

This style of test stand falls well below OSHA required noise levels. The test console sink is surrounded by a bullet proof lexan shield. The shield is on tracks and moves out of the way to allow the operator to install the test item. The power unit includes a locking emergency stop to prevent someone from accidentally starting the power unit from the control console while normal maintenance is being preformed.

The circuit allows for (3) individual systems to run they are;

1. Static circuit 0-10,000 PSI
2. Dynamic circuit 0-3000 at 50 GPM
3. 4 way cycle circuit 0-20 GPM, 0-3000 PSI

This circuit can be used as the press source for a load circuit or secondary pilot press/flow source.

The finished product consists of a combination of factory new and factory overhauled components with an 18 month warranty. The stand looks and works as new.

Approx. Dimension: 102 x 60 x 80 (test stand), 84 x 60 x 90 (power unit)(LWH)
Approx. weight: 2300 lbs (test stand) 3200 lbs (power unit)
Price Code: LCRUS